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Telephone: 09 572 0177

The team at Creating Wellness are your trusted East Auckland chiropractors, commonly seeing babies, children, families, pregnant women, sports people and professionals. Our team of chiropractors are Dr’s Janette McCormick and David Russell.


We give you accurate, up to date information about chiropractic and its benefits in health, well-being, quality of life and performance.


The team at Creating Wellness offer choices in the way that people use our services, they may choose short or long term care, and be seen in a private or open plan environment.


We use state of the art computerised nerve scan technology to ensure our clients receive the highest quality chiropractic care.

The chiropractors at Creating Wellness use gentle chiropractic techniques that get great results, specialising in Activator, Network (NSA), Torque Release Technique (TRT), manual adjusting, and techniques for children.




Our Hours:

Mon 8.30am – 12.00pm and 3.00pm – 7.00pm

Tue  9.00am – 12.00pm

Wed 9.00am – 12.00pm and 3.00pm – 6.30pm

Thur 9.00am – 12.30pm and 3.00pm – 6.30pm

Frid  8.30am – 11.00am